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A few weeks before the American presidential elections on the third of next November, this huge event, whose results are awaiting the whole world, successive crises one after the other against the master of the White House and his electoral team.

After the report published by the American “New York Times” newspaper, citing tax declaration data, which confirms that President Donald Trump paid only $ 750 in federal income taxes in the first year of his term, the president’s performance in the first debate that took place between him and his rival Joe Biden sparked a wave Of criticism, and described, according to experts, as “the worst debate in history.”

Therefore, the news of the infection of the 74-year-old Trump, who has always tried to reduce the seriousness of the emerging coronavirus, and transferred Trump and his wife, after they were infected with the Coronavirus, to the Military Health Center, “Walter Reed”, to make matters worse and put the president’s election team in front of a new problem.

Yes, all these events took place in one week to put the US president’s special team, which entered the final weeks of the presidential elections, to face great challenges and an unenviable situation.

And the crises made by Trump himself rolled so quickly, that the president who is seeking re-election appears weaker than ever before his rival Biden after he fails to manage the Corona crisis and manage economic files and his inability to advance opinion. In polls, he appears to be stuck in a cornerstone albeit temporarily. at least.

The recordings revealed that he had reduced the risks of the Coronavirus earlier in the year, and one popular story raised questions about whether the military was being particularly underestimated, and this was a video of the first lady expressing it. Uncomfortable with having to decorate the White House for Eid. Birth.

The most important question remains for former Republican National Committee chairman Michael Steele, “Is politics simply telling him, your journey is over? You’ve caused four years of mayhem.”

On the American people, Steele said: “We are a tolerant people, and while they offer them all their sympathy, they will also not forget that he did not do what he must do to protect himself and the American people.”

The challenges facing the Trump team are immense
Bill Stephen, US President Donald Trump’s campaign manager, and Rona McDaniel, chair of the Republican Committee, tested positive for COVID-19 this week.


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