major criminal network that has secretly moved from Israel to the UAE

Dozens of criminals involved in murder, drug trafficking, extortion, money laundering and fraud fled from Israel to the UAE, recently, before the issuance of police arrest warrants against them, and began to launch commercial activities in Dubai.

According to the Israeli Channel 12, an Israeli police source said that some criminals who fled to Dubai were involved in smuggling 750 kilograms of cocaine from Guatemala, which was seized last month in the port of Ashdod in southern Israel, and another quantity from Belgium.

The source added that

The authorities obtained information about those involved, pledging to reach all of them and prosecute them as long as they serve their sentences in Israel.

He explained that some of them came with forged passports and others with Israeli passports, to launder the money that they have been hiding for years, adding, “It is true that there are no extradition agreements between Israel and the Emirates, but we have our methods for deporting them and transporting them to Israel.”

According to information reported by the Israeli media, those who fled to Dubai are major criminals who until recently worked in Jaffa and Haifa, and some of them bought or entered into partnerships, including apartments and souvenir shops, and acquired resident status.

The report said: “Other criminals who recently came to Dubai bought gold and diamonds, and sold the goods to businessmen in other countries so that the Israeli police and the tax authority would not follow them.”

One of these Israeli criminals, who visited Dubai about 10 days ago and met some senior criminals who fled to the UAE, said:

In Dubai, unlike in Israel, investors are not asked where the money is coming from.

“They don’t ask you many questions there. Do you have money? Come and invest and be a partner. It happens because it is one of the richest countries in the world. I am talking about the millions of dollars that flow from Israel to Dubai through people running legal businesses in the country.” “.

On the other hand, the channel indicated that, in addition to the criminals who fled from Israel, Israeli criminals who were fleeing in Romania, Ukraine and South Africa recently arrived in Dubai to discuss establishing partnerships in building housing projects in the UAE.


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