It has been four years since US President Donald Trump arrived in the Oval Office at the White House, however, numerous books and notes were published, written by former senior officials, or members of the Trump family, that attacked him strongly.

Millions of copies of dozens of books attacking Trump have been sold, and these works are not alone, as he was able, from a certain angle, to also add them to a package of accusations of sexual assault and harassment directed against the President, and some folded, while the other is still reported in the media from time to time. . What are the most prominent notes and books that recently shook the White House?

Bolton … the “dirty” book

The administration of US President Donald Trump has tried to censor the book of former National Security Adviser John Bolton since last June, under the pretext that it may contain information that poses a threat to national security.

However, the judiciary ruled in Bolton’s favor.

The book, titled “The Room Where It Happened” (The Office Where It Happened), is a collection of testimonies, giving a very bleak picture of the Republican president and the way he conducts American politics, both domestic and foreign.

Bolton, one of the most hawkish, was a national security advisor at the White House but was removed from his post in September 2019, and this was later acknowledged by Trump.

Incidentally, Trump himself described the book as “dirty.”

Bolton claims in his work that Trump intended to use Chinese services to get him re-elected in the presidential elections that will be held on the third of next November, and adds that the president once said that “all journalists should be executed.”

Mary Trump: The president is “the most dangerous person” in the world

In another book issued by Mary Trump, the president’s niece, on the house of “Simon and Schuster”, titled “Too Match and Never”, the author describes her uncle as “the most dangerous man in the world.”

The book sold nearly a million copies just 24 hours after its publication, setting a record for the publishing house.

Mary accuses the president of weakening her father, “healthy,” and suggests that the pressures he was subjected to led to his death at the age of 42, while the family story referred to death to alcoholism.

Mary Trump spoke in the press and the media about her uncle Trump repeatedly, and violent attacks were launched against him, accusing him of “racism” and anti-Semitism and saying that he was ill with lies and had a narcissistic personality.

The White House responded by saying that the diaries were a volume of lies.

(Intense) anger: “Love letters to North Korea …”

Investigative journalist Bob Woodward’s book was not dedicated to attacking Trump, like the books of Mary Trump or John Bolton, but included a collection of letters and notes that were professionally conveyed, on Woodward’s disposal.

And Rage (Fury), also released by Simon & Schuster, reveals 25 messages exchanged between the president and authoritarian leader Kim Jong-un, North Korea’s leader.

Beyond the fictional relationship between Kim and Trump, Woodward talks about the president’s relationship with foreign leaders and quotes him as saying that “his harmony with foreign leaders increases, the more malicious and cruel they are.”

In the book, Woodward mentions that Trump feels in harmony with the Turkish President, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the Russian, Vladimir Putin, the Chinese, Xi Jinping, and last but not least, the Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman.

Fire and biting

Back in 2018, the American journalist and writer Michael Wolf released a book entitled “Fire and Fury,” in which he described the US president as the least reliable person on earth.

Also in the book, Woolf claims that White House employees, and sometimes his top aides, describe him as “the idiot and imbecile”, asserting that he has records proving this and that the godfather of the so-called “deal of the century” is in fact, Steve Bannon.

According to Wolf, Bannon wants to give the Gaza Strip to Egypt, and the West Bank to Jordan, to solve the conflict in the Middle East region, and he also states that preparations for moving the US embassy to Jerusalem began in 2017.

Fear … “crazy out of control”

In addition to “Rage,” which was released in 2020, Woodward released another book in 2018, entitled “Veer” (Fear), a book that is highly critical of Trump, and parts of it were published by The Washington Post during the week before its publication.

The book focuses more on the personality of Trump, who appeared to be “like a crazy and uncontrollable king,” in the words of one of the French newspapers.

And what came in the work was that Trump wanted to withdraw all American employees from South Korea, which, according to Woodward and the testimony of Defense Secretary Mattis, almost sparked World War III, because withdrawing the Americans meant an “imminent attack” for North Korea.

Woodward bases his book on dozens of hours of recordings and conversations with senior White House officials. The book also states that Trump wanted to assassinate Syrian President Bashar al-Assad in April 2017, after Damascus accused Damascus of carrying out a chemical weapons attack against civilians.

However, Secretary of Defense at the time, James Mattin, did not agree to this, and Trump himself admitted a short time ago that he really wanted to kill Assad after he denied what was mentioned in the book previously.


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