The World Health Organization announced that the number of Covid-19 cases globally reached a record high on Friday, with 350,000 official cases recorded around the world, bringing the total number of cases to more than 36 million.

In Europe alone, 209,000 people were infected with the virus in the last 24 hours.

The Saudi Ministry of Health announced the death of 24 people after contracting the Covid-19 epidemic, which brings the total number of deaths to 4,996. In the last 24 hours, Saudi Arabia recorded 407 new infections, noting that it had conducted about 6.9 million tests since the start of the epidemic.

More than ten million infections
The number of cases of Covid-19 in Latin America and the Caribbean exceeded the threshold of ten million, today, Saturday. The region, which is the most affected in terms of deaths and the number of infections with the Coronavirus in the world, recorded 10 million and 1833 infected people, of whom 366,637 died, and eight million and 537 thousand and 563 recovered. Brazil is the most affected, followed by Colombia, Argentina, and Peru.

The Higher Institute of Health in Italy said that the spread of the epidemic was “accelerating” in the last hours, with 5,372 cases recorded on the last day. In a report published yesterday, the institute said that the period between September 28 and October 4 witnessed a decline in “health security”, indicating at the same time that there was significant progress in the spread of the virus.

On Thursday, Italy had recorded 4,458 injuries.

India recorded about 73 thousand new infections in the last twenty-four hours, and about a thousand deaths, which brings the total number of deaths in the country to 107,416 deaths. India records about 70,000 new infections daily, on average, after witnessing the highest rates in mid-September, when the number of daily cases at that time exceeded 90,000.

Germany recorded 4,721 new cases of the virus and 15 deaths in the last 24 hours, according to the Robert Koch Institute. While 4,500 injuries were recorded on Friday, the institute notes an “increase” in injuries.

Since Friday, the French health authorities announced a significant deterioration in the indicators of the Covid-19 epidemic during the last 24 hours, with a new increase in the number of patients in intensive care and more than 20 thousand new positive cases, which is a new record.


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