Nelly Kaplan, 1962.
Nelly Kaplan, 1962.
French and Argentine-born director Nelly Kaplan died in a Geneva hospital at the age of 89, after being infected with the new Coronavirus, Covid19

she was one of the icons of the new French film wave and was also known as a brilliant journalist and writer and a precedent of her time who wrote about film theory, criticism, and surreal fiction. It was celebrated by the world in 2019 with a retrospective titled Wild Things: Nelly Kaplan’s Fierce Films.

Kaplan was born in Buenos Aires in 1931, then emigrated to Paris when she was twenty-two years old. During the sixties, she directed many short documentaries, including “The Look of Picasso” in 1967 and “Victor Hugo” and then directed her first feature film in the year 1969, titled Avery curious girl, and her films include “Papa Lee Petit Pato” in 1971, “Nia” in 1976, “Charles A. Lucy” in 1979, “Pat de Vellore” in 1985 and ” Blaiser Damour “in 1990.


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