coronation street
coronation street
It is not at all easy to continue producing and showing a series for a longer life than the life of its heroes, this is something that requires great will, and a greater ability that requires a wonderful unification that deserves the appreciation of a complete artistic and dramatic team to achieve this unique achievement on television.
According to Agence France-Presse, the British series “Coronation Street” celebrates its 60th anniversary on-screen Wednesday, establishing its position as the longest-running TV series in the world and challenging the ongoing social changes and the consequences of the “Covid-19” pandemic.
coronation street
coronation street


The ceremonial ceremonies include special gestures, including the ringing of cathedral bells, a parliamentary debate about the series, and stamps bearing pictures of the series’ characters.

The series, which takes place in a shop and a pub in an imaginary city in northern England bearing the name of Weatherfield, began on December 9, 1960, and was expected to continue for a few months, but its great success wrote a different story for this work.

Since then, the work, with its diverse characters, the scenes of cobblestone streets, and the predominant sound of the trumpet on the soundtrack, has maintained its position as one of the most popular TV shows on the ITV commercial channel.

His name changed

A decade ago, the work, called “Korean”, became the longest-running TV series in the world, while the BBC radio program “The Archers” remains the world’s dean of programs with 69 years to its credit.

Its advantage

The head of “ITV” in northern England, John Weston, described the series “Coronation Street” as “a guide to humanity with a whiff of psychological comfort and a little cleverness of the English north.”

He noted that the advantage of the work lies in “strong women and weak men.”

Huge popularity

Despite its strong English character, the series is popular beyond Britain’s borders and overseas, especially in Canada, where it has been shown on CBC since the 1960s.

Generations have grown up watching it

“Generations of Canadians have grown up on a Korean series as part of their lives at home,” said Director General of Entertainment, News and Sports Programs at Canadian Channel.

Margaret Thatcher visited the set

Long years of screening turned this work into something of national wealth in Britain, even when Margaret Thatcher visited the set in 1990 when she was prime minister.

In 1998, the line between imagination and reality nearly blurred. Labor Prime Minister Tony Blair requested an investigation into the unjust imprisonment of the character Deirdre Rashid in the series on charges of forgery.

Tony Blair’s father-in-law, Tony Booth, was actually a former actor on the series.

Critics of the series criticize the series’s loss of some of its characters and its acerbic sense of humor while directing events in a scandalous manner, simply because of the desire to increase viewership.

coronation street
coronation street

Highlights of his events

Among the most prominent stations in the series is the accident that a tramway fell off a bridge on the 50th anniversary of its launch. In total, the work recorded 146 deaths, 24 of which were homicides.

However, during his long career, the work achieved qualitative breaches in the television scene, including the inclusion of the first transgender character on the small screen in Britain, Harley Cropper at the end of the nineties.
Viewership rates for the work have declined since record levels were achieved in the 1980s and 1990s when the most important episodes were watched by more than 20 million viewers.
His episodes attract between 7 and 8 million viewers, including the number of views online.

On the occasion of its 60th anniversary, Salford Cathedral near the filming site of the series is ringing its bells for two minutes in honor of the birth of Tony Warren, the city-born.
The British Royal Mail Service also issued postage stamps inspired by classic scenes from the work.

It is noteworthy that according to the description of the British BBC, the series “Korean” which is a modern abbreviation of its previous name “Coronation Street” is not only the longest series in the world, but it is also an important part of the lives of millions of viewers who have grown up with it in Britain. And in the Commonwealth of Nations, many still cling to him and his old and new personalities, and there is nothing better for his followers than to return from work to home, relax and watch the new “Corrie” episodes with his family.


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