Donald Trump at a campaign rally
Donald Trump at a campaign rally

CNN reported that federal investigators have been following for 3 years money that may have been diverted from an Egyptian state-owned bank to support Donald Trump’s 2016 election campaign.

The US agency stated that the investigation, which was previously carried out by Special Counsel Robert Mueller and his colleagues, aims to uncover whether there was an illegal contribution to the election campaign, and it represents one of the most prolonged efforts by federal investigators to understand the president’s external financial relations, and has become an important part. But it is hidden from the endeavors of the Special Adviser.

The investigation was kept secret to the point that investigators once locked down an entire floor of a federal court building in
Washington DC, so that Mueller’s team could examine the records of the Egyptian bank.

Prosecutors suspected a possible link between the Bank of Egypt and the Trump campaign, but they were never able to prove it.

What caught the attention of the investigators was intelligence indicating that “there may be money from an Egyptian bank that ended up supporting Trump at the last minute with $ 10 million in his campaign.”

For his part, a senior adviser to the Trump campaign, Jason Miller, said: “President Trump has never received a penny from Egypt,” while there was no official Egyptian comment.

Source: “CNN”


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