Clashes between British drivers and police wanting to return to France ... Video

Confrontations between drivers and police officers in Dover after the reopening of the crossing is delayed.

 Clashes between drivers and police took place today (23 December) in Dover, against the backdrop of the closure of the French-British borders to prevent the spread of the new strain of Coronavirus. Tensions have arisen between British police and a group of drivers in Dover as they try to break through the ranks of law enforcement. The scene was broadcast by Sky News.

In this context, thousands of trucks are still stuck near the port of Dover, after France made a decision on Sunday 20 December to temporarily close the borders with the United Kingdom.

And local sources in Britain said:

“Two days later, Paris and London will announce an agreement that will allow the return of heavy truck drivers stranded in the United Kingdom provided they are provided with a negative ‘PCR’ test for (Covid-19).”

The sources add by saying:

“The return of French and foreigners residing in France or in the European region, as well as those who” have to take essential journeys “to leave the United Kingdom, are now also allowed to return, subject to a negative test from 23 December.


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