Chrissy Teigen, John Legend loses baby after pregnancy complications
Chrissy Teigen, John Legend loses baby after pregnancy complications
Although some American policy experts have underestimated the importance of celebrity support for a specific candidate over another, some people forget that when an American citizen goes to the polls, he thinks about economics first, and who is best to improve his life and the lives of his family members in his presidential term, but despite this, candidates prefer Trump and Biden to gain the support and support of celebrities For them in the presidential race towards the White House.
In her first public appearance after losing her child last September, famous model Chrissy Teigen, “34,” accompanied her two sons, along with her husband John Legend, appeared on stage during his musical performance and playing the piano.

While her husband John was participating in a party in support of US presidential candidate Joe Biden and Vice Presidential candidate Camilla Harris in Philadelphia, John asked Chrissy and their two sons to take to the stage.

And he said to her, “Darling, can you go up the stage? I want you to see my wife is here, as well as my daughter Luna and my son Miles. We are teaching our children early to participate in the democratic process.” He continued, “We are here today to save democracy. We are all here to save democracy, right?”

Then Chrissy went up with her mother, Luna, and Miles to the stage, and she looked good and beautiful, and she wore a long transparent white dress under a short dress and coordinated it with a white jacket, and she put the muzzle on her face, and when she went up, she kissed her husband and greeted the audience.

Before John performed the song he wrote to his wife Chrissy: “Never Break,” he said, “I wrote this song to salute our relationship and that love can transcend all difficult times. We realize that the country is going through tough times now.”

He also talked about Joe Biden that he also had many difficult experiences in his life, and called everyone to vote for Biden and that he was the ideal person to lead the country.

Chrissy documented this beautiful family moment for her and her family on stage by posting a video clip on her personal account on the social networking site “Instagram”, which achieved more than 5 million 400 thousand views, and 4 thousand likes, in just one day.

It is noteworthy that Chrissy Teigen honored her fetus, which she lost after 20 weeks of pregnancy with it, and she would call him “Jack” by drawing her and tattooing his name “Jack” on her wrist, and her whole family also tattooed another drawing on which he wrote: “John, Luna, Miles”, which is Her husband’s name is John Legend (41 years old), their daughter Luna Simon (4 years old), and their son Miles Theodore (2 years old).
Also on Halloween, Chrissy Teigen sent a touching message on Twitter to her baby, Jack, who lost him, telling him: “Jack will always be loved, and we explain to our two children that he is in the air and the trees and butterflies they see.”


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