Chinese scientists have discovered a "fungus for immortality" in Taiga, Siberia

Chinese researchers have concluded that boiled “fungus for immortality” strengthens the immune system and heals wounds and is an excellent way to prevent many diseases.

According to Chinese researchers, the boiled fungus “Chaga“, which they found in the Siberian taiga, is a fungus with many benefits, the most important of which is that it prolongs life and strengthens the immune system. According to the Russian newspaper “Tsevezda”.

The “Chaga” fungus is one of the types of fungi that grow on the trunks of birch trees in very cold regions, and it contains a high concentration of betulinic acid, which is anti-inflammatory and anti-virus, and helps increase the body’s immunity.

The Chinese people were impressed by the beneficial properties of the “Chaga” mushroom, due to its ability to restore physical strength, increase immunity and rejuvenate the body, and users of social networking sites called it “the fungus of Siberian immortality.”

The author of an article in one of the magazines emphasized that “the Chaga mushroom can not only strengthen the immune system but also help heal wounds and scare off blood-sucking insects.”

He added, “You can even eat Chaga mushrooms, as it completely satisfies hunger and rejuvenates the body. Many people who live in the forests of Siberia live for long ages since they use Shaga mushrooms regularly.” According to the Chinese portal Sina.

In China, there is a fungus similar in its characteristics to the Siberian “Chaga” fungus, and it is called the “Ganoderma” fungus. However, Chinese customers prefer the Russian product, for the sake of the health of the whole family.



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