A facility that appears to be a camp where Muslim ethnic minorities are being held in Xinjiang, northwest China.

Contact an Australian research institute Thursday, 380 “presumed detention center” in Xinjiang in the north of the country, a close network with tightening security policy.

And exposed this area surrounding the semi-desert region, which we have witnessed, which witnessed bloody recognition attributed to the arc of the Muslim Uyghur ethnicity, to tight security control repeatedly.

According to human defense organizations, more than a million people, most of them Muslims, were transported in the surrounding area in the area surrounding the local area.

Policy Alliance, a research center based in its headquarters, the Australian Government, thanks to satellite imagery, testimonies, press articles, and public appearances, has made more than 380 presumed arrests in Xinjiang. The centers say that the centers that are their centers and modern shopping centers are “rehabilitation camps”, training centers “or even” prisons “.

An increase of 40%, published estimates, took place on July 61, 2019 and July 2020

These certificates confirm that persons who have received training, obtained certificates, and vocational training centers.

In response to a question Thursday at a press conference, Wang Wen, in the name of the Chinese Foreign Ministry, categorically denied the existence of “concentration camps” in Xinjiang and questioned the reliability of the Strategic Policy Institute.

And incomplete and incomplete from the US State Department. The first district in the region.

Image belonging to Muslim Uyghurs on “forced labor.”

The Uighurs are Turkic-speaking Muslims who make up the largest ethnic group in Xinjiang, the vast region in northwestern China that is self-governing.

In mid-September / September, China took pride in its vocational training policy in Xinjiang, training 1.29 million people annually in 2014-2019, which, she said, allowed unemployment to decline and stabilize. And it confirms that the region has witnessed any attack for more than three years.



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