Cardi B is under attack for the Thanksgiving celebration.

The American rapper “Cardi B” was the subject of a wave of anger and criticism for holding a Thanksgiving dinner for more than 40 people.

“Cardi B” revealed that it had hosted nearly forty people to celebrate Thanksgiving, including 12 children and 25 men and women, and its followers immediately went to comment on her irresponsible behavior amid the deadly epidemic, and one of them wrote: “It does not seem like anything to be proud of.”


Another added: “I hope it will be worth it for you and those 25 people and 12 children. I hope that is because I can promise you that it is not worth it for anyone else affected by your bad choices. Who will be affected are the health care workers who will resort.” To them when you get sick. ”

After the uproar it caused, “Cardi B” decided to respond to the violent reaction, and published on its “Twitter” account a tweet, saying: “Sorry, this is my mistake, I was not trying to make someone feel bad.”

The famous singer added, “I brought my family home for the first time and I felt relaxed and happy. I spent a lot of money getting tested for everyone, but I felt he was worth it, so I wasn’t trying to offend anyone.”

Many observers intervened to defend their star, and one of them wrote: “You cannot let this woman breathe … She was happy because she sees her family, so leave her alone.”

Others, however, remained unimpressed by her apology, with one writing: “Bragging about your big gathering during the outbreak in front of the millions of impressionable fans who don’t have the money you have for quick tests is irresponsible.”

In response to the ongoing attack, Cardi B shared another tweet, saying, “People are trying so hard to be offended. I wonder how they survived in the real world.”

Cardi was not the only one of the stars who were attacked, as Rita Ora was accused of violating the law prohibiting the gathering of more than 10 after holding her 30th birthday party with more than 30 people present.


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