Cardi B enrages Hindus because of her recent photo
Cardi B

American rapper “Cardi B” aroused the anger of Hindus after she embodied the Hindu deity “Durga” holding red sneakers in her hand promoting her shoe collection in collaboration with “Reebok” which was released on November 13th.

The President of the World Hinduism Society, “Rajan Zaid,” published a statement in Nevada today, in which he stated that the goddess “Durga” was highly regarded in Hinduism and was supposed to be worshiped in temples or home shrines and not used to sell shoes for commercial greed. The inappropriate use of Hindu deities, concepts, symbols, or icons for commercial or other agenda purposes was not acceptable as it was detrimental to the loyal.

He indicated that “Cardi B”, “Reebok” and Footwear News magazine, which published the star’s photo on the cover of her magazine, should not enter the religious sphere and violate sacred things and ridicule entire societies, and he made clear that they did not respect and underestimate the Hindu deities for using them in such matters.

Although Cardi B apologized for the promotional photo, many Hindus felt that she was not sincere enough in the post that she shared with her followers indicating that she could not change the past, but rather asked her to go to a Hindu temple to attend some lessons in Hinduism.

Hinduism is the oldest and third largest religion in the world with around 1.2 billion followers.

And after less than 24 hours since the launch of Reebok shoes designed by “Cardi B” on several online shopping platforms … the star celebrated the penetration of all quantities of them on all platforms.


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