Can Trump pardon himself?
Trump pardons the late first black heavyweight champion, Jack Johnson, at the White House in Washington (Reuters)

Editor Greg Graziosi asked, “Can Trump pardon himself?”, Explaining that there is no legal or historical precedent for a president forgiving himself.

In the Independent, Graziosi said that despite Donald Trump’s arguments, his time in the White House was coming to an end.

He added that although his time in office was not traditional, he would almost certainly benefit from a previous presidential tradition of issuing a large number of presidential pardons.

He noted that Trump had already used presidential pardons in 2017 when he pardoned former Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arbayo, who was convicted of contempt of court after refusing to cooperate with federal authorities, in an effort to make law enforcement less racist.

He even issued some good pardons when he pardoned legendary black boxer Jack Johnson who was found guilty of violating the racist “white and slave traffic law” for crossing state lines with a white woman in 1912.

The editor returned to the question: Can Trump pardon himself? The short and unsatisfactory answer, he said, is “maybe.”

He made it clear that there was no precedent for such a measure, so its legal validity would ultimately be left to a court to decide, assuming Trump’s attempt to do so would lead to a lawsuit.

And he hinted that the president’s powers to pardon are very broad, so Trump could pardon his friends – as has already happened with Roger Stone, his conservative spiteful character – and his family, without a problem.

Source: The Independent


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