New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern
New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern
New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern congratulated, on Sunday, the US presidential candidate, Joe Biden, again by phone.

Ardern confirmed that she had a “positive and warm” phone call with Biden, during which she shared some thoughts about New Zealand’s “battle” with the Coronavirus.

She indicated that she had invited the democratic candidate to visit New Zealand, expressing her readiness to present the action plan adopted by New Zealand in the face of Corona, if the United States requested it, adding that her call focused on the two countries ’desire to work and cooperate on issues of common interest, stressing that the invitation was met. With a standing ovation, ”noting that the Democratic candidate spoke about“ his fond memories of his visit to New Zealand in 2016.

She also pointed out that Biden spoke positively about New Zealand’s response to the virus, as responding to the virus was his “first priority.”

Ardern said: “I certainly think that international cooperation is still essential to control the virus,” explaining that they talked about programs within the United States, America’s plan for 2050, and the Pacific region.

“I discovered a tremendous amount of enthusiasm for the relationship that we already have,” she added, noting “the potential for it to grow.”

On whether she has been invited to the White House, Ardern said it was up to the White House.

In a statement issued by Biden, published by US politicians, he said that he congratulated Ardern on her re-election and that he intended to strengthen ties with New Zealand.

He stressed that he looks forward to working with Ardern on Corona, pluralism, and “promoting democracy and keeping the two oceans, both Indian and Pacific, safe and prosperous.”

Baden also praised the amazing leadership of the Prime Minister after the Christchurch massacre in 2019 in New Zealand.


And earlier this month, Ardern posted a congratulatory message on social media to Biden and his deputy, Kamala Harris.

“With so many issues facing the international community, your message of unity is one that we share,” she wrote at the time.

Source: “New Zealand Television”


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