Private Hitler's toilet seat was auctioned off
Private Hitler’s toilet seat was auctioned off

Nazi leader Adolf Hitler‘s toilet seat sold for roughly $ 19,000 that US soldiers plundered from his Bavarian sanctuary in WWII.

A collection of Hitler’s personal items looted from his mountain hideout made tens of thousands of dollars when sold at auction.

Private Hitler's toilet seat was auctioned off 0
Private Hitler’s toilet seat was auctioned off 0

According to press reports, the wooden bench was sold to Hitler’s toilet, and plundered from the mountain hideout of the Nazi leader, for an amount of 18,750 US dollars.

Ragnwald Burch, a young and adventurous American soldier, plundered the white wooden seat of Hitler’s bathroom in Berghof, his home in the Bavarian Alps.

The soldier Burch was one of the first Americans to appear in the scene, because he was fluent in German and French, and was sent to coordinate with the French Second Armored Division, according to the British newspaper “The Sun”.

Senior officers at the time told him “you can get what you want” from Berghof, which was hit hard by the Allied bombing in the final days of the war.

Burch shipped the toilet seat back from nearby Berchtesgaden to his family’s home in New Jersey, where he displayed it in his basement.

With son Burch selling the “prize” taken from the Führer’s home, Bill Panagopoulos of Alexander Auctions praised the 16-inch-wide stool as “unique”.

“This was the closest thing to a ‘throne’ a dictator could get,” he said. “One can hardly imagine the plot carried out by the tyrant while contemplating the world from over this seat.”

The seat was among a group of “spoils of war” looted at auction in Chesapeake, Maryland, USA.

It included Hitler’s personal porcelain shaving cup, which bears his picture, and a loot from the Nazi leader’s Munich apartment, which earned $ 21,600.

The Führer’s personal hairbrush bearing a monogram was also seized from his home in Berghof, by a member of the US Paratrooper Regiment.

Four exceptionally rare tiny hairs of Hitler’s hair were removed from his hairbrush, and they were sold for $ 2,300.

A pair of Hitler’s wife, Eva Braun, made of pink lace and embroidered with her initials, sold for an estimated $ 1,800, while a matching pink nightgown was also sold for $ 1,800, while a pair of her socks sold $ 485.

“How can we embarrass Hitler and discredit him more than presenting his toilet seat and his wife’s outfits? The image of Hitler on the bench looks ridiculous,” Panagopoulos said.



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