The British airline EasyJet
The British airline EasyJet
The British airline “EasyJet” announced that it had been subjected to a piracy operation that included access to the private data of about 9 million customers in a “very complex” cyberattack that was carried out by cyber pirates.

The company said Tuesday that email addresses and travel details had been reached, in addition to credit card details of about 2,208 other customers, noting that customers affected by this attack would be contacted by May 26.

EasyJet did not immediately provide any information about how the breach occurred, and when it occurred. However, it indicated that the National Center for Cybersecurity and the Information Commissioner office reported “ICO” the data organizer, and contacted forensic experts to investigate this incident, which is described as a “very sophisticated attack”.

This attack is expected to cost the low-cost British company, which has suspended all flights in recent months due to the emerging coronavirus and is fighting a battle with its founder, a heavy fine.

“We would like to apologize to the customers affected by the incident,” said Johan Lundgren, CEO of the company. Since we learned of this breach, it has become clear that there is increasing concern about the use of this personal data and carrying out fraud on the Internet in light of the spread of the “Covid 19” virus.

“For this reason, and based on the recommendation of the Information Commissioner’s Office, we communicate with clients whose data has been accessed and advise them to exercise caution, especially when receiving anonymous correspondence,” Lundgren added.


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