Barbara Windsor
Barbara Windsor
The famous British drama icon, Barbara Windsor, died after suffering from Alzheimer’s disease “dementia” at the age of 83.

According to the British media and the BBC, her husband Scott Mitchell officially announced her death with a sad statement issued by him saying: “With great sadness, I can confirm that my dear wife Barbara passed away at 8.35 pm Thursday, December 10 in a nursing home in London.”.

Mitchell added, “Her death was due to her suffering from Alzheimer’s disease / senile dementia. In the end, Barbara passed away peacefully, and the past seven days have been spent next to her, and the memory of Barbara will not be erased from the minds of the love, fun, and sparkle she brought into our lives.”

A large number of public figures in Britain and her colleagues in the artistic community mourned her, among them the most prominent: British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who lamented her with warm words in which he expressed his deep sadness at her death.

The British Prime Minister had met the late actress Barbara Windsor to discuss her concerns about the care received by Alzheimer’s patients and her aspiration for greater attention to them.

Barbara Windsor was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease in 2014, and she continued to suffer from it until she joined a nursing home this year and stayed there until her death yesterday evening, Thursday 10 December 2020.

She married three men, with whom she did not last long except for her third husband

It is noteworthy that the life of Barbara Windsor was full of many cinematic and television works. She married three men that did not last long with them except for her third husband, Scott Mitchell, whom she married in 2000 until her death.

The late British actress, Barbara Windsor, was best known for the role of Peggy Mitchell in the series “EastEnders”. Prior to this series, the late Barbara Windsor was mostly known as a comedian. Her first appearance was in The Belles of St Trinian’s 1954.

The late Barbara Windsor is highly regarded in her country, Britain, and according to her husband Scott Mitchell’s description, she will not easily forget the memory of millions of her fans.


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