A mine is detonated in the Falkland
A mine is detonated in the Falkland
Britain announced the completion of the removal of landmines in the Falkland Islands, 38 years after the end of the war it waged against Argentina, to control this archipelago in the South Atlantic.

The British government said: “The islands, controlled by the United Kingdom since 1833, are now completely ammunition free after the demining program ends its mission 3 years ahead of schedule.”

The UK funded program was launched in 2009 and has been implemented by a team of demining experts, most of them from Zimbabwe.

Informed sources confirmed that to celebrate the occasion, local residents will play cricket and soccer matches on a beach that was previously closed due to mine remnants and unexploded ordnance.

She pointed out that “a lot will be conducted to select a resident to detonate the last group of mines, and on November 14, a British Royal Air Force warplane will fly over Gypsy Cove, the last area received after being cleared.”

Thousands of anti-personnel and anti-vehicle mines were planted on these islands during the war that broke out in 1982, and since then warning signs and fences surrounding dangerous areas have become one of their prominent features.

The Falklands War was the last colonial war that Britain fought, and it broke out after Argentina’s invasion of the islands, which it calls Malvinas, to confirm its claim to it.

Source: “AFP”


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