Britain ... Determination of the first air travel route for Dron cargo in the world.
Delivery drones flying

The UK has designated the world’s first air corridor for Drones, in a move that underscores the development of the Airborne Postal Service’s ambitions.

According to the British newspaper “Daily Mail”, the route is 5 miles long, and it is the first commercial route of its kind in the world and is located in the south of Berkshire.

Drone managers would be able to control them without seeing them, which would violate existing regulations.

A new air traffic control system for unmanned devices will monitor the air corridor and deliver automatic instructions to the drones, to distance them from others, or to change course if they are in danger of collision.

The corridor, which is a third of a mile wide, operates in the same regular airspace as commercial aircraft, helicopters, and light aircraft.

The move still needs approval from the Civil Aviation Authority, but the United Kingdom hopes the line will be operational next year.

The drone will deliver small parcels, medical supplies, blood, and tissue samples to the controlled area.

The new system, created by Altitude Angel, an aviation technology company headquartered in Reading, monitors every movement of the drones and gives them the freedom to fly.

“The size of this step cannot be underestimated,” the company’s chief executive, Richard Parker, told the newspaper.

“Beyond the visual line of vision, robotic flight in unrestricted airspace is a very big obstacle that must be overcome to achieve the vision of commercial UAV use,” he added.

Under current rules, drones must be moved away from built-up areas, within the pilot’s visual range, usually up to 1,600 feet, and cannot rise higher than 400 feet to avoid other aircraft.


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