plane crash
4 players and a club president were tragically killed

4 players from the Brazilian soccer club Palmas fourth division, along with the club’s president, died after their plane crash on Sunday.

The pilot also died in the accident, which occurred minutes after the take-off of the plane, which was heading from the Tocantins to Goiania, to play their highly-anticipated match against Villa Tuva, on Monday.

The club mentioned that the players who died were Lucas Brachidis, Guillerme Noye, Ranoli, and Marcos Molinari, as well as President Lucas Mira.

“In this painful and terrifying time, the club calls for prayers for families that will receive the necessary support,” the statement read.

And in 2016, 19 Chapecoense players died on their way to a match in Medellin during a plane crash in Colombia that left 71 people dead.


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