Brazil… Violence erupts after a black man was beaten to death in a Carrefour store

Violence erupted, Friday, in Brazil, after security guards beat to death a black man in a store.

More than a thousand protesters attacked the Carrefour Brazil supermarket in the southern city of Porto Alegre on Friday, after amateurs broadcast footage of the fatal beating and praising the black victim on social media.

The Globo News channel quoted the military police in the state of Rio Grande do Sul as saying that the murder, which sparked protests across Brazil, occurred late Thursday evening when a store employee called the security after the man threatened to attack her.

The French subsidiary of Carrefour in Brazil said in a statement on Friday that it deeply regrets what it described as this brutal death and said it had taken immediate steps to ensure that those responsible were punished according to the law, adding that:

“The contract with the security company will terminate and the employee in charge of the store will be fired at the time of the accident and the store will be closed as a sign of respect.”

The protest turned violent on Friday evening when protesters smashed windows and delivery cars in the parking area of Carrefour.

In Sao Paulo, dozens of protesters smashed the facades of the Carrefour store with stones, took off the front doors, and stormed the building before dispersing. In Rio de Janeiro, nearly 200 protesters chanted slogans in front of another Carrefour store.


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