Former White House National Security Adviser John Bolton.

The former White House National Security Adviser, John Bolton, considered that the current US President, Donald Trump, may announce the withdrawal of the United States from NATO if he wins the presidential elections.

Bolton said, in an interview on “Times Radio Thursday”, Thursday: “It cannot be said that we convinced him that NATO actually represents a very good alliance, in fact, he saw that he could not cross the line and practically call for withdrawal.”

Bolton added, “If he is re-elected, this political barrier will significantly diminish if he does not disappear completely.”

The former adviser explained that, if Trump wins the second presidential term, he will not have to worry much about the possible political reactions inside the United States, and “for this reason his instincts and inclinations will be completely liberated.”

And Trump had previously criticized NATO, describing it as an “outdated” alliance, and accused its member states of not paying their “fair” financial share.


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