Body of influencer Alexis Sharkey found naked on the side of the road

On Monday, authorities announced that a 26-year-old Instagram influencer had been found on a Houston roadside over the weekend, after her disappearance last week.

Houston police said in a statement that “Alexis Robinault”, who knows herself as “Alexis Sharkey” and described herself as a “guide”, did not show clear injuries on her body and the cause of her death has not yet been determined.

Police officers said paramedics found her naked body on Saturday morning near the highway about 17 miles west of downtown Houston.

Her mother, Stacy Clark Robinault, said in a Facebook post on Saturday that her daughter, who has been living in Houston since January, had not heard any news of her for more than 24 hours.

Robinault wrote in the post: “With deeply broken hearts, I would like to inform you all that he has found Lexie’s body, we thank you all for your love and the kind words that you have sent to our family! Please give us this special time to mourn this terrible loss for our family and this world !!! We will miss you, my love. ”

The last post-Alexis shared with her Instagram followers, who numbered more than 31,000 followers, was a picture of her in front of the mirror and commented: Good morning, I decided today that I will move to Tulum municipality for the sake of ponds and overall beauty, I have never been obsessed with the city’s atmosphere my life. ”

And she continued, “I have heard from many people that the situation is different now and very crowded. I am here to confirm the rumors. But they are still charming.” ⁣
The causes of death were not mentioned yet.


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