Black cops
Black cops

Police unions across the United States have largely supported President Donald Trump’s re-election for a second term, amid continuous mass demonstrations, against police brutality and accusations of organized racism, while black officers across the country oppose this. Situation.

These officers assert that their concerns about interfering in the political fray this year have been ignored.

Although support for Trump is not based on racial grounds, many black officers believe that this support does not represent all members fairly, while leaders of national unions say that the process is designed to give everyone a voice and that support represents the majority of the officers.

According to the protesters, their anger stems from their being members of these unions, which in turn do not take into account their feelings or even what they think about Donald Trump, according to Rochelle Bilal, the former president of the Civil Guardians Association in Philadelphia.

Bilal, who was elected as the first black woman to be a “sheriff” in Philadelphia last year, said she feels that Trump does not respect women and that his statements are racist, especially those in favor of white supremacist groups.

The association with the Fales Club of Philadelphia, an organization of firefighters that includes minorities, denounced the endorsements announced by the “National Fraternal Order of Police” with about 22 local federations of firefighters and paramedics.


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