Bill Gates warns of 2022: This is what awaits the world
Bill Gates

In new controversial statements, Microsoft founder Bill Gates warned of the danger of the Corona epidemic returning with force in 2022, unless “two conditions” are met.

Gates’s interview with CNN was realistic, and despite his praise of the vaccines announced, he warned of the danger of returning to “square one”.

“Many parts of America must act correctly for the country to regain some level of normality,” Gates said.

And Bill Gates, 64, is an influential voice in the global efforts to address the epidemic, and he co-founded the Bill and Melinda Gates Institute for Medical Research for this purpose.

When asked about lockdown measures such as those taken by the state of California to avoid further Corona injuries, the American billionaire said: “I think, unfortunately, it is appropriate.”

Gates called for “making every effort during the first four to six months of the next work,” considering that the matter “will contribute to the end of the epidemic.”

The Gates, who is one of the richest in the world, expressed his belief that the United States will restore normalcy by late next summer.

But he added, “But until early 2022 unless we help other countries to get rid of this disease, and unless we achieve wide levels of vaccination in our country, the risk of a resurgence of the epidemic is present.”

Since the beginnings of the Corona crisis, Gates has faced widespread criticism because of his pessimistic rhetoric, while he has sparked controversy more than once due to his speech in videos recorded years ago about “an epidemic that will cripple the world” as the current pandemic has done.


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