Big success for Billie Eilish's new song
Billie Eilish

The American star “Billie Eilish” released her new song, Therefore I Am, on her channel on the most popular video site “YouTube”, and it met with amazing success in the first hours of its presentation, with the number of listeners reaching more than 28.3 million.

The song “Billie Eilish” topped the “Spotify” chart in the United States of America, with more than 1.755 million listeners on the platform last Friday, on November 13th. It is also indicated that it ranked first on the US iTunes sales index last Thursday evening.

And some of the fame achieved by the song, the American journalist Jimmy Fallon decided to imitate the star “Eilish”, so he wore clothes similar to her clothes and wig the color of her radiant green hair, and imitated her movements and the way she climbed the escalator.

It should be noted that the new song comes after the release of “Ilish” two solo songs this year, in addition to the song “My Future” that accompanied the secret agent “James Bond” movie No Time To Die.



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