joe biden on November 4, 2020
Joe Biden on November 4, 2020
The transition team of Democratic candidate in the US presidential election, Joe Biden, has begun work in preparation for taking office, without waiting for the announcement of his expected victory over President Donald Trump.

And although the vote-counting process is still ongoing, Biden said in a speech Friday evening in Delaware: “While we wait for the final results to be announced, I want people to know that we are not slowing down the tasks.”

Biden confirmed that he and the Democratic Vice President candidate Kamala Harris held a virtual meeting Thursday with experts in the field of public health and economics and began their work in order to fight the Coronavirus pandemic, warning that the situation is becoming increasingly dangerous throughout the country in a tangible way.

Biden pledged to use the transition period to meet governors of all American states and urged them to impose mandatory masks.

The Associated Press reported that former Delaware Senator and Biden’s old aide, Ted Kaufman, is leading efforts to enable the Democratic candidate to start forming a new administration without waiting for his official victory in the election race.

Kaufman previously served on former President Barack Obama’s transition team after the 2008 elections and was involved in drafting a law outlining the presidential transition process.

Biden’s closest aide says, according to “The Associated Press”, that his priority in the transition period will be the appointment of the chief of staff in the White House and the establishment of an effective mechanism to combat the Corona pandemic.

The agency indicated that the Biden administration, if he wins, will need to appoint four thousand new employees, of whom more than 1.2 thousand will need to be approved by the Senate, pointing out that this may pose a tangible challenge to the Democratic president because Republicans will likely retain their majority in the House.

The transition period will not officially begin until after the election winner is announced, and the Associated Press indicated that the Trump campaign’s lawsuits may shorten this period, as it was after the 2000 elections.

Source: Associated Press


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