Democratic candidate for the US presidential election, Joe Biden.
Democratic candidate for the US presidential election, Joe Biden.
Interim results of the US presidential elections showed that the Democratic candidate, Joe Biden, has strengthened his lead over his Republican rival, the incumbent President, Donald Trump, in terms of the number of electoral college delegates.

According to data from the Edison Center for Research, which specializes in monitoring the progress of the US elections, Biden received 243 votes from the electoral college, consisting of 538 delegates, compared to 214 votes for Trump as of 21:35 GMT.

While Fox News expects Biden to win 264 votes against 214 for Trump, while CNN says that the Democratic candidate has so far obtained 253 votes against 213 among his Republican rival.

Biden, in a press statement made earlier, expressed his confidence in winning the presidential elections, considering that he is close to winning a record number of votes across the United States, but indicated that he does not intend to declare his victory before the results are officially determined.

Direct voting took place in the US presidential elections on Tuesday after about 100 million people cast their votes early by mail and remotely voting, representing record participation in this mechanism required by the requirements of the Coronavirus pandemic.

This election race is considered the fiercest in decades, as it comes at a time when the United States is experiencing major internal problems due to the Coronavirus pandemic, an economic crisis, a high level of severe unemployment, and the tension caused by racism and police violence and the widespread protests that accompany it.

On Tuesday, the House of Representatives elections were held and a third of the Senators selected for the US Congress.


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