Biden: Iran is close to having a nuclear weapon

US President-elect Joe Biden has commented on the expected consequences of the assassination of the prominent nuclear scientist, Mohsen Fakhrizadeh.

Biden said in an interview with “CNN“, it is difficult to know the size of the complexity. And I have made it clear to our NATO friends and in contacts with 20 heads of state that we have one president referee at a time. So I cannot create a policy, but I want to re-establish the strong and close alliance relations we had in all of Europe and the Pacific. ”

He continued: “Europe has now moved away from the United States based on the president’s embrace of the tyrants and sticking his finger in their eyes, and so I think that this will depend a lot on what will change the circumstances if Europe joins the US side, but it will be difficult negotiations. I have no illusions about that.”

He added, “The bottom line is that we cannot allow Iran to have nuclear weapons, and see to what extent the president has harmed this policy. He withdrew to get something tougher and what they did, they increased their ability to possess nuclear materials.”

He said, “They (Iran) are close to being able to have enough materials to make a nuclear weapon. There are missile issues. I think all of these things will be very difficult, but I know one thing, we cannot do it alone and that is why we must be part of a larger group. It deals not only with Iran but with Russia, China, and a whole host of other issues. ”

The Iranian Foreign Minister, Mohammad Javad Zarif, said that his country adopts the principle of transparency in dealing with the IAEA, referring to the fatwa of the Leader of the Revolution in which he said that Iran has never and will never pursue the possession of nuclear weapons.

Zarif added, in a press statement, today, Monday, during the opening ceremony of the consular service table at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs: “We, in addition to the ideological side, consider this weapon harmful to the country in terms of strategic considerations and from the doctrinal point of view, we consider it as forbidden by Sharia according to the fatwa of the Leader of the Revolution.”


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