Joe Biden signed dozens of executive orders
Joe Biden signed dozens of executive orders

On Wednesday, US President Joe Biden entered the White House with many promises that he made during the election campaign, whether it came to “incendiary” internal files such as the Corona epidemic, the state of the economy, or foreign policy issues and international cooperation.

Biden quickly signed dozens of executive orders, once he took office, returning Washington to the Paris climate agreement, as well as returning the United States to the World Health Organization after the previous president, Donald Trump, withdrew from it.

And in the Coronavirus crisis, Biden issued an order that the muzzle is compulsory in federal departments, as well as obliging those coming to the country from abroad, to give a negative examination against Corona, and to submit to a quarantine.

Observers believe that the first 100 days of Biden will be full of decisions and procedures, and this period will reach its end on the 30th of next April.

According to “CNN”, Biden is betting on achieving a number of goals during the first 100 days of his administration’s life, in an effort to erase what he considers a heavy legacy from his predecessor, Trump.

Biden aspires to give Americans 100 million doses of the vaccine during this period, as well as open schools, and endorse an economic rescue plan of $ 1.9 trillion.

Biden is also seeking to present a new proposal on managing immigration and obtaining US citizenship, while his Republican predecessor was keen to prevent the arrival of irregular immigrants to the United States.

President Biden issued an order to reverse Trump’s decision to prevent citizens of several Muslim countries from entering the United States.

But these goals are not easy to achieve in a short period of 100 days, especially since the Senate has not yet confirmed or programmed the date of the vote on any official appointed in the Biden administration.

It is expected that the first batch of these officials will be heard next Thursday, but Biden, who has informed the corridors of Congress, for decades, and has practiced political work, will be well and sufficiently aware of the requirements of the decisions.

The American presidential historian, Julian Zelizer, believes that Biden is seeking, like the former US President, Franklin Roosevelt, to reverse the policy direction chosen by Trump, in order to stabilize society in the face of the epidemic.

The American academic added that Biden will focus on bringing about this stability more than he will search for a new course in US public policy.

Zelzer added that this bet by Biden in 100 days, seems “very optimistic”, given the conditions prevailing at the present time.

During the era of former President Barack Obama, for example, Republicans formed an obstacle to many decisions, although Obama was more fortunate, thanks to a Democratic majority of 60 seats in the Senate.

On the other hand, Biden assumed power, and the Senate has 50 Democratic representatives, the same number of Republican seats.

But the victory in the Senate remains with the Democratic Party, given that the Vice President, Kamala Harris, is entitled to cast a decisive vote if there is a tie between the two political camps.

Accordingly, Biden will need to have a democratic consensus in his home country, and not budge any of them in Congress, in addition to wooing some non-prominent Republicans, in order to move forward with the promises.


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