Joe Biden

US President Joe Biden said in an interview with ABC TV that was broadcast on Wednesday that he believed that his Russian counterpart, Vladimir Putin, was a “murderer” and warned that he would “pay the price.” Biden, “Yes, I think so.”

And quickly came the response from the Russian side, as Moscow announced that its ambassador to the United States would be summoned for consultations, stressing at the same time that the step aims to avoid an “irreversible deterioration” in relations with Washington.

A Russian Foreign Ministry statement said that Moscow had summoned Ambassador Anatoly Antonov “to consult in order to analyze what should be done and the purpose of relations with the United States.”

On Wednesday, the Duma chief considered that describing President Vladimir Putin as a “murderer” and threatening to make him “pay for” this, was an “attack” on Russia.

“This is hysteria resulting from impotence. Putin is our president, and any attack on him is an attack on our country,” wrote Vyacheslav Volodin, speaker of the State Duma (Duma) in the Russian parliament and close to the president, on his Telegram account.

On the other hand, Biden referred to the Afghan file in the interview, saying that the withdrawal of all American soldiers from Afghanistan by the first of May, as stipulated in the agreement with the Taliban, is possible but “difficult.”

Biden criticized the agreement reached by his predecessor, Donald Trump, with the rebels.


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