Internet hackers have introduced a fake version of the “WhatsApp” application for instant communication into the “Apple” store for iPhone phones.

The website “Vice” stated that the fake version of the application is nothing but a spyware program developed by an Italian company called “Cy4Gate” in order to target people.

The application enables hackers to collect information about targeted people by tricking them into installing certain files on their phones.

There is no limit to the information that the hackers can steal, such as the unique identification number, which gives whoever gets access to all the software databases on your phone.

The Digital Security Lab at the University of Toronto, Canada, learned with others to find the fake version of “WhatsApp“, which turned out to be an Italian company.

The laboratory activity came after reports reported that users were exposed to attacks from the instant communication application.

It turns out that the fake app, with the domain name config5-dati [.] Com, is a prepared file to hack the phone and send data to hackers.

Many fell into the trap of the counterfeit version because its details were so professionally made.

This requires anyone who wants to download any application and not necessarily “WhatsApp”, to read carefully the application details and verify them first.


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