American movie star Ben Affleck, who is 48 years old, who won two Oscars and a Golden Globe for the best original text for his film: “Good Will Hunting”, was able to overcome his past problems and alcoholism with love and hope thanks to the support and support of his lover and new partner, young actress Ana De Armas.

International American actor Ben Affleck (48 years) was keen to celebrate “Thanksgiving” with his partner, Cuban actress Ana De Armas (32 years), and his children from his ex-wife, actress Jennifer Garner, with the aim of strengthening the relationship of his partner Anna de Armas with his children, in preparation for the official marriage to her in Later, according to the British newspaper “Daily Mail”.

The children of Ben Affleck spent the first “Thanksgiving” holiday with their father’s new partner, actress Anna de Armas, and their father, Ben Affleck, this year, not with their mother, Jennifer Garner, as part of a friendly joint agreement between Ben Affleck and his ex-wife Jennifer Garner, to allow Ben Affleck to bring his partner closer together. The current Anna de Armas and his three sons: Violet (14 years), Serafina (11 years), and Samuel (8 years), so that the children will not be affected much in the event of an imminent official connection between their father and Ana de Armas, and this happens naturally, thanks to the enjoyment of Ben Affleck has a good friendship, and a great understanding between his ex-wife Jennifer Garner andBen Affleck, and the latter praised himself for the wonderful mutual understanding between him and Jennifer Garner after the divorce, and their mutual understanding on sharing their children’s upbringing even after the official divorce between them in 2018.

Ben Affleck enjoyed the first wonderful and happy Thanksgiving holiday he spends with his three children: Violet, Serafina, and Samuel, and his sweetheart and actress partner Anna de Armas in his Los Angeles home.
When Ben Affleck is with Ana de Armas he never stops laughing
Ben Affleck, his daughter Serafina, and his son Samuel and Ana de Armas
Ben Affleck, his daughter Serafina, and his son Samuel and Ana de Armas

A source familiar with the matter since publishing the romantic photos of Ben Affleck and Anna de Armas vacation in Costa Rica, said that when Ben Affleck is with Ana de Armas, he does not stop laughing, smiling and romantic, that he is very happy, and it is clear that he is very fond of his wonderful new partner.

Their love for each other is reflected in their ultra-romantic scenes with their new movie, “Deep Waters,” in which they play the role of husband and wife, enjoying their joint performances in one film, and their romantic scenes are very realistic and real.


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