Former US President Barack Obama

Former US President Barack Obama decided to test a new form of communication with citizens, and published his phone number on his Facebook page, and called for writing SMS messages to him.

He mentioned that he would like to know the mood of the citizens ahead of the upcoming presidential elections.

And Obama said, “Well, let’s try something new. If you’re in the United States, text me at 773-365-9687. I want to know how things are going, what you think, and how you plan to vote this year.”

The forty-fourth president of the United States promised to periodically communicate with followers, read messages and spread ideas and thoughts.

Most of the social media users who commented on Obama’s post gladly accept his offer. But some suspected an unfair game in the process of publishing personal phone numbers as an attempt to conduct a public opinion poll in this way before the elections.

A few hours later, Obama’s phone stopped receiving SMS messages. Some commentators said the former president had already gathered all the necessary information. Although it is very likely that the phone company, was unable to deal with such a large volume of contacts, in a few hours more than 20 thousand comments.


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