Obama urges Democrats to vote heavily for Biden
Obama urges Democrats to vote heavily for Biden

The campaign for Democratic US presidential candidate Joe Biden announced that the first participation of former President Barack Obama in an election rally in support of his former deputy will be on Wednesday in Philadelphia.

And the campaign announced in a statement Tuesday, that “Obama will organize an election rally in which supporters will participate from inside their cars, in the manner (drive-in), and will encourage the people of Pennsylvania to vote early.”

Democrats are urging voters to vote early in states that offer this option due to the

“Covid-19” pandemic, and the possibility of long queues forming at polling stations on election day.

While Trump organizes rallies across the country, Biden has preferred to organize smaller rallies due to the pandemic, as drive-in rallies have become a feature of Biden’s campaign.

Obama did not support any candidate in the Democratic primary, but he supported Biden after winning the presidential bid. During the Democratic National Convention last August, he urged voters to support Biden, saying that “our democracy” is at stake.

Philadelphia is home to 1.6 million people, and it is the largest city in the state of Pennsylvania, which will witness a fierce election battle on the third of next November, in which Biden will face US President Donald Trump, seeking to win a second term.


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