barack obama and michelle obama
barack Obama and Michelle Obama
Former US President Barack Obama confirmed today, Sunday, that his wife Michelle has no plans to run for the presidency of the United States.


In an interview with the Spanish newspaper “La Vanguardia”, on the occasion of the publication of the first volume of his memoir “The Promised Land,” Obama said: “Michele will not run for president, and this is what I can guarantee because she does not like politics as I said in my book. I always and gladly support her in everything if necessary, regardless of her subsequent goal, and she also acted in her dealings with me. ”

The first volume of Obama’s memoirs, which is 768 pages, was translated into 25 languages, after the publication of two previous books written by him, “Dreams from My Father” (1995) and “Audacity of Hope” (2006), which are among the best-selling books in the world.

Source: TASS


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