14 American officers were fired

The US Army sacked some officers at Fort Hood, Texas, for murder and rape that occurred at the base.

And the agency “Agence France Presse“, today, Wednesday, that 14 officers in leadership positions at Al-Qaeda have been sacked after a series of murders that shocked American society.

And this year, Al Qaeda witnessed at least 5 murders, which has earned it the reputation of being the most dangerous site in the country.

The killing of twenty-year-old female soldier Vanessa Gillen, after she was subjected to sexual harassment, caused the Minister of Land Forces Ryan McCarthy to request a detailed report on the situation at the base.

On June 30, Vanessa Guillen’s severed body was found nearly two months after her disappearance.

On the same day, Private Aaron David Robinson, the prime suspect in the Vanessa Gillen case, committed suicide.

On Tuesday, McCarthy announced the findings of the report, stating that the tragic death of Vanessa Guillen was a reason for drawing attention to Al Qaeda.

The report concluded that al-Qaeda records a much higher crime rate than others, whether it is homicide, attempted murder, rape, sexual assault, theft, and drug use.


Depending on the report’s findings, McCarthy issued a decision to fire 14 high-ranking officers, including two generals and a deputy al-Qaeda commander.


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