American nurse Sandra Lindsay receives the first Pfizer-Bionic vaccine in the United States

In apparently shocking testimonies, Americans are still waiting to obtain the expected vaccination deliverance from the Coronavirus, as it does not seem available to many at this point.

Reuters“, quoting Americans of several groups, reported a summary of the experience, which does not seem easy in any way.

Jerichapiro … an American from Los Angeles, who is 78 years old and owns a pharmacy, and he is at the top of the list of those entitled to be vaccinated for the prevention of Covid-19 in California, but he did not receive the dose despite the passage of more than a month since the start of vaccinations in the state.

Shapiro said he spent hours contacting multiple health agencies and carrying out Internet searches to no avail, in an experience many people have lived across the country, as President Joe Biden’s administration races against time in its early days to accelerate the slow and chaotic vaccination process.

“Why not make it easy?” Said Shapiro, who is also worried about his wife because she suffers from health problems that make the virus a great danger to her.  For the vaccination to be in your area, and you set an appointment and receive the dose. And the matter is over. ”

In Sacramento, 65-year-old restaurant owner Jamie Goldstein said she would feel much safer in her job that involves engaging with the public if she gets the vaccine.

She has the right to be vaccinated by virtue of her age, but no one offered her an appointment, and she did not find a way to set an appointment, despite spending hours on the phone and the Internet.

“It’s very frustrating,” Goldstein said. “I want to get done. I yearn for safety back.”

The United States is the country most affected by Covid-19, with 24.70 million infections and 413,775 deaths recorded from the Coronavirus. On Friday, at least 3,788 Americans died from the disease.

Despite this, the vaccine rollout process that former President Donald Trump’s administration entrusted to states without a federal plan or adequate funding is slow.

From California, where the distribution of vaccines varies from county to county, to New York, which has little supplies despite being the largest city in the country, states and health care services struggle to obtain, store and distribute doses.


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