Avonmouth: 4 people killed in large explosion near Bristol

4 people were killed and another wounded, today, Thursday, in an explosion at a water treatment site near Bristol, England, before noon local time.

“Four dead and one wounded in the Avonmouth blast. Workers were above a chemical tank in the Wessex water treatment plant when it exploded,” Times reporter Will Humphries wrote on Twitter.

Commenting on the incident, Prime Minister Boris Johnson wrote on Twitter: “I am very sad to learn that 4 people lost their lives in the explosion of the water facility in Avonmouth. Our hearts are with the victims and their families. Thanks to the emergency services who came to the scene.”

The fire and rescue service responded after a large explosion in the Avonmouth chemical tank, which caused several casualties, according to the “Telegraph” newspaper, which indicated that the explosion occurred at exactly 11:22 am.

Later, the fire service led a rescue operation that included some workers. Police confirmed the explosion but tried to reduce concerns that the chemical tank explosion could pose an extended threat to public safety.

Kieran Jenkins, who was working in a nearby warehouse at the time, said:

The entire warehouse was shaking, my colleague and I were standing there in shock, the next thing we know you hear people running around screaming.

“The warehouse ran out and we saw people running here, and we were not allowed to leave the warehouse. It was a really big shock,” he said.


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