the Australian Prime Minister
On Friday, the Australian Prime Minister said that his country is under a widespread cyberattack behind it, “a party supported by a state,” noting that the attack targets the government, public services, and companies.

Scott Morrison indicated during a press conference in Canberra that there are “Australian organizations currently being targeted by a sophisticated cyber entity supported by a state,” adding that the attack targets “Australian organizations in various types of sectors” and “at all levels of government, economy, political organizations and health services.” And other critical infrastructure operators. ”

Morrison held his emergency press conference in Canberra to warn his citizens of “specific dangers” they found themselves exposed to.

Developed countries in this field

China, Iran, Israel, North Korea, Russia, the United States, and a number of European countries have all developed their cyberwar capabilities.

Beijing, which recently imposed trade sanctions on Australian products, is likely to have doubts amid tensions looming over diplomatic relations between the two countries.

Morrison said he informed the opposition leader and country officials of the cyber attacks, which he described as “malicious”. He did not give details about the attacks that took place but said that no personal data had been compromised and that many of the attacks had failed.

He continued, “They are not new risks, but rather specific risks,” calling on Australian companies and institutions to protect themselves. “We encourage organizations, especially in the field of health, critical infrastructure and basic services, to take expert advice,” he added.

Tense relationships

China is the main commercial partner for Australia, which receives a large number of Chinese students and tourists. However, relations between them have soured in recent years and have recently increased due to Canberra’s request for an independent investigation into Beijing’s management of the coronavirus outbreak that emerged in China in December, angering Beijing.

In what appears to be a countermeasure in response to the Australian request, Beijing has banned Australian beef imports, imposed customs duties on Australian barley, and issued a warning to travelers regarding Australia, about anti-Asian racism linked to Corona.

China also recently sentenced an Australian citizen to death for drug trafficking, in a ruling likely to inflame severe tensions between Beijing and Canberra.


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