Somali immigration
Greek Immigration Minister Notis Mitarachi
Greek Immigration Minister Notis Mitarachi accused Ankara of encouraging Somali immigration to Turkey through promotional campaigns and offers on visas, to allow them to then go to his country.

“In Somalia, we learned that the Turkish authorities, the Ministry of Education, and other ministries are promoting immigration to Turkey,” Mitarachi said in a press conference.

He mentioned that there are testimonies made by Somali immigrants, who confirmed that the Turkish Liaison Office in Mogadishu “facilitated” their obtaining visas based on certificates and documents provided by Turkish-funded institutions in Somalia.

Mitarachi pointed out that these institutions include a hospital and a university in Mogadishu. He added, “We learned that 300 people arrived in Turkey in this way … They are legally arriving in Turkey, with the aim of bringing them to Europe illegally.”

The minister added, “When the Somalis arrive in Istanbul, they are transported by minibusses to certain areas in the city, where they remain awaiting arrangements for their transportation to the western coasts of Turkey. It is clear that they are not at risk in Turkey and therefore they must be granted asylum there if necessary.”

He said, “It is alarming that Turkey appears to facilitate the arrival of these migrants by securing travel visas for them.”

Source: “France 24”


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