Ariana Grande
Ariana Grande

On Christmas, some Hollywood stars turned to “Santa Claus” and began to distribute gifts to adults and children with love and generosity, describing some reports as distinguished and noble.

After the Beyoncé Foundation donated half a million dollars to pay the rent and installments of the homes of families threatened with eviction at the end of this year, the American singer Ariana Grande donated online vouchers to children of British patients in the hospital.

According to the British newspaper “The Sun”, the American singer Ariana Grande, aged 27, took a generous and noble gesture that showed that she has strong ties to the British city of “Manchester”, by presenting hundreds of gifts to sick children in hospitals in this region. The value of each gift is one, including “100” euros – “135 dollars”, and it was provided in the form of vouchers from one of the sites devoted to shopping online for the occasion of Christmas.

The secret of choosing sick children in Manchester to give gifts to them

Ariana Grande
Ariana Grande

Singer Ariana Grande, 27, chose to donate sick children at the Royal Children’s Hospital and the Royal Manchester Nursery, and this generosity from Ariana Grande comes three years after her concert in this city ended with a terrible disaster, a suicide explosion that killed 23 people and 800 injured.
The father of a beneficiary girl who also received a voucher, called Steve for the Manchester Evening News website, praised Ariana Grande’s initiative, describing her as a “wonderful person”: “Although I understand that she gave every child in the hospital a voucher, and my daughter was excited, and she said to me when I went to pick her up from the hospital: see dad, I received a voucher from Ariana Grande, the gift was placed in a small box and there was no message on it, not even the name of the sender, this is a good and wonderful gesture and there is no advertisement or benefit from it so you know that it is a special gift.
It brought a lot of happiness after everything that happened with the epidemic this year. ”
Steve added, “It was a difficult year with my daughter in the hospital, and the staff are wonderful and know very hard and sincerely.”

Ariana Grande is engaged after a short love affair

Ariana Grande, 27, celebrated her engagement to her lover, real estate agent Dalton Gomez, last Sunday, after a short love story that lasted a year between them.
A large number of celebrities preceded her engagement during the lockdown and quarantine period, notably: Brooklyn Beckham and Nicola Peltz.
Ariana Grande received thousands of congratulations from her engagement, and her fans confirmed their congratulatory comments: “ deserve happiness forever.”


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