Apple was fined for deliberately slowing down iPhones

Today, Wednesday, 33 US states announced that Apple agreed to pay $ 113 million to settle claims by states and the District of Columbia that it deliberately slowed iPhones to hide battery problems and push users to buy newer versions.

The agreement with the coalition led by the states of Arizona, Arkansas, and Indiana is completely separate from the proposed settlement reached by the company in March to pay $ 500 million to affected iPhone users.

In 2016, Apple secretly updated the operating system on the iPhone 6, 7, and SE phones, to reduce chip speeds so that old batteries on devices do not send power surges to the phone’s processor and cause it to shut down unexpectedly.

The states claimed that Apple had acted deceitfully and had to replace the batteries or reveal the problem. Millions of users have been affected by the lack of electricity, according to lawsuits filed in Arizona courts.

“My colleagues and I are trying to get the attention of these big tech companies, and I hope they’ll get caught by a multi-million dollar ruling with more than 30 states. Companies shouldn’t be deceitful and hide things,” Arizona Attorney General Mark Berkowitz said in an interview.


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