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Apple President Tim Cook announced on Sunday that the network may re-apply the popular social parler with US conservatives after it was finally banned from being charged with incitement to violence, in case those in charge of it make reforms in the way the content is supervised.

In response to a question by “Fox News”, Tim Cook attributed the ban on the use of the application popular with supporters of outgoing President Donald Trump, to the publication of content “inciting violence” against the background of the storming of the Capitol building on the sixth of January.

After Twitter shut down Trump’s account, technology giants Google, Apple, and Amazon suspended the ability to use Parler on their networks on January 9th.

“We have studied calls to violence (in the messages) and we consider that there are limits between freedom of expression and incitement to violence,” the president of Apple said.

The conservative Parler network filed a complaint against “Amazon” last week, saying that the suspension of its services was due to political considerations and is part of efforts to limit competition in favor of “Twitter”.

On the Apple side, Tim Cook explained that the giant group “has only suspended access to the network,” so “if they make reforms to their policy of moderating content, they can return” to Apple’s online store.

Parler has achieved rapid growth in popularity since Twitter permanently closed Donald Trump’s account in the wake of the violence at the Capitol.

On the day it was withdrawn from the “Apple” store, “Parler” was at the top of the list of the most downloaded applications in the United States for the giant network.

At the beginning of 2018, Parler was a popular platform for extremist groups in the American political scene, but it is now attracting conservatives from a more traditional spectrum, including Republican parliamentarians.

Like other alternative platforms, Parler adopts less restrictive oversight policies on hate content compared to major social networks.

Tim Cook described the pro-Trump storming of the Capitol as “one of the saddest moments of my life” and “an attack on democracy.” He said, “I thought I was living in a parallel reality, that what is happening is not real.”

“We have an online store with about two million applications,” Cook said, “of course, we do not monitor everything that happens on the Internet. But we never thought that our platform would be a mere copy of what happens on the Internet.”

“We have laws and rules and we simply ask people to respect them,” he added.


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