An Iranian official was arrested and fired for dancing in a room in front of women ... Video
Corona in Iran

A video clip has spread widely on social media sites showing a director of the Post Office, in the Iranian province of Hormozgan, dancing in front of a number of female employees.

Within hours of the incident, the Director-General of the Governmental Postal Service, Abdullah Abdali, announced the dismissal of the director, according to what was reported by the Iranian “Tasnim” agency.

Al Abdali said that the employee practiced “wrong behavior out of the norm at the department’s headquarters”, offering “apologies and regrets” for what happened.

He added, “This person was dismissed from his position and referred to the Administrative Violations Department because of this behavior inconsistent with work rules.”

The Iranian “Tafana” Center for Human Rights stated that the person who practiced the dance in front of the female employees was called Ghulam Reza Taibi, the General Director of the Public Relations Department of the Postal Department in Hormozgan Governorate.

Comments came on different social media sites, between critic and welcome.

Others dealt with the incident with humor, saying that this director was offering his services to citizens.


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