An app that turns zoom presentations into a fun and enriching experience
CEO and Co-Founder Phil Libin introduces the “Mmhmm” app

With the increasing lockdown measures associated with the Coronavirus pandemic, many business meetings have turned into virtual ones via video calls and the “zoom in/out” app, but there is a fundamental problem with boredom.

But the application “Mmhmm” offers the meeting – via Zoom – a unique experience using interactive presentations that appear more lively and convincing than the usual lackluster presentations.

Phil Leben, CEO of Evernote, which developed the new app, says that their company has developed the idea to transform presentations into a more interactive, compelling, and engaging experience, according to a report by Fastcompany.

Nevertheless, Leben realized that this video was entertaining, making presentations more like TV programs like interactive newscasts. The app is now available in beta and allows users to easily create compelling and engaging video presentations for themselves without the need for a professional broadcast studio.

You can choose from about 100 virtual backgrounds from a modern operating office to a Halloween house and even outdoor scenes, after which you can put a live video for you, presenting presentations and other materials that the user would like to share on top of that wallpaper.

The user can place himself next to or above what you are discussing with many options for presenting information, charts, zooming in, and zooming out, as well as showing in an explanatory video.

Mmhmm ​​can work as a virtual camera in applications such as Zoom and Google Meet, allowing live video sharing.

The video can also be downloaded after filmed and shared on platforms such as YouTube, and some users can submit simultaneously, a feature that teachers need while presenting readings and presentations of children’s books.

Users can simply use the regular communication tool if they are not planning the special presentation features.

Mmhmm ​​has finally raised $ 36 million in funding, and Liben says it will likely be available to the public soon, with a free version and optional features yet to be identified.


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