Fight Russian tanks terminator
Fight Russian tanks terminator
The American “Defense – The Defense” magazine reported that the Russian tank “Tank Killer – Terminator“, which entered service in the Russian army, can replace 6 armored vehicles and 40 shooters with their launchers.

Stunning video of a duel between the “Tank Killer” and a “T-90M” tank.
The magazine pointed out that “the vehicle is equipped with a supersonic anti-tank missile system (ATAKA) capable of hitting targets at a distance of up to 6 kilometers, in addition to two 30 mm cannons, which can be used against infantry and helicopters, two grenade launchers and machine guns.”

Fight Russian tanks terminator
Fight Russian tanks terminator

She added, “The tank’s speed reaches 60 kilometers per hour and is led by a crew of 5, and its design depends on the design of the T-90 tank.”

According to military experts, “one tank can replace a formation of 40 fighters and six armored vehicles.”

The American magazine confirmed, “The tank appeared for the first time during the annual military parade in Red Square in 2018, and is participating in the Russian operation in Syria.”

Source: “The Defense of America”


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