An American study: Coronavirus was present in America before it was confirmed in Chinas

A study conducted by the US Health Protection Agency said that the new Coronavirus was present in America before it was officially confirmed in China.

The American Center for Disease Control and Prevention stated that the Corona virus-infected people in the United States even before China reported its first cases on December 31, 2019, according to the research conducted by the center.

A research paper was published in the Journal of Clinical Infectious Diseases, indicating that the Coronavirus may have spread in the United States, before the date on which American medics officially announced the registration of the first infection with the emerging virus, on January 19, 2020.

American researchers also conducted a study that included nearly 7,400 blood samples in nine US states between December 13, 2019, and January 17, 2020. Evidence indicated the presence of antibodies to Coronavirus, present in a person who was in contact with the virus, as it was found in 106 From these donors.

Analyzes of hospital data from across the United States showed, in late 2019, an increase in flu patients, many of whom were suffering from “severe coughing” and other severe respiratory symptoms. This means that the new virus may have appeared in the United States, a month before the first case there, and even weeks before the Chinese authorities announced the first confirmed case in Wuhan.

European researchers have also speculated that the Coronavirus was present in their countries before China officially announced the emergence of the new strain of the coronavirus. Where a French survey was conducted on blood samples taken in early December 2019, and the result was the presence of antibodies to the Coronavirus.

A similar study by Italian researchers also revealed that samples in Italy were already showing antibodies in September.

At the same time, virologists in Spain announced that there were traces of the Coronavirus in sewage samples collected in March 2019, that is, a full nine months before the Wuhan events.

Studies are still underway to find out the first place for the emergence of this emerging virus.


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