Johnny Depp and amber heard on November 21, 2015
Johnny Depp and amber heard on November 21, 2015
It seems that American actor Johnny Depp will not be the only loser in the defamation case that he filed on the British newspaper “The Sun”, whose former wife Amber Heard was the main witness against him, and confirmed the authenticity of what the newspaper published about his physical and verbal beating of her until he began to lose his famous movie projects. Immediately after losing the case officially, he decided to continue his judicial battle and resume the decision with the hope that he would win it after showing him as a woman beating.

Recently, American actress Amber Heard condemned her campaign to exclude her from starring in the second part of the action and science fiction series: “Aquaman” – after her recent legal troubles, and her involvement in domestic violence and defamation cases with her husband, international actor Johnny Depp, the hero of “Pirates.” The famous “Caribbean” campaign, Heard described the campaign as a “paid campaign.”

Amber Heard claims Johnny Depp is manipulating people

According to the British newspaper “The Independent” website, the battle of Amber Heard and Johnny Depp is still raging, and the newspaper published a report in which it confirmed that Amber Heard condemned Johnny Depp, and said that her ex-husband Johnny Depp is older than her, and his stardom is definitely much bigger than her, and thus he was able to He used it to his advantage in his battle with her, as he was able to inflict several blows on her over the past 4 years, excluding her from the movie “Aquaman – Aquaman” with his constant allegations against her. Heard said she is being campaigned to exclude her from working in the film, and that her ex-husband can manipulate people.

Amber Heard confirmed that the campaigns and rumors paid on social media do not dictate choices and decisions that are unfounded in reality and that she is excited to start filming “Aquaman 2” in the next 2021.

Campaign and One Million Signatures Call for Excluding Amber Heard from “Aquaman 2”

Amber’s statement came in response to the launch of a petition to be dropped from the movie “Aquaman 2”.
The petition, which received more than a million signatures, was prepared by fans of Heard’s ex-husband Johnny Depp and was similar to what happened with Johnny Depp, and his exclusion from the role of the pirate “Jack Sparrow” in the series “Pirates of the Caribbean,” against the backdrop of his beating of Amber Heard, where A large number of viewers launched a campaign to exclude Amber Heard from starring in her new movie “Aquaman 2”.

It is noteworthy that Johnny Depp was charged with several cases of beating and assaulting his ex-wife, Amber Heard, verbally and physically during their short marriage, which lasted only 15 months.

Johnny Depp was very dissatisfied with her and the newspaper “The Sun”, who filed a defamation lawsuit against her under the pretext of insulting his reputation. He denied that he had practiced domestic violence against his ex-wife, Amber Heard, and claimed that she had offended him, on mutual charges between them that baffled the public opinion.

He’ll be paid $ 10 million for “Fantastic Beasts 3”.

But despite Johnny Depp losing the defamation case against the British newspaper, and the judge’s conviction that what was published by the British newspaper’s report about Depp’s beating of his wife is true, Johnny Depp described the British court ruling as surreal, and that his life and career will not be determined at this moment in time, hinting at his desire to continue in His legal battle,

Millions of his fans believe in his innocence despite all the statements of his ex-wife Amber Heard, and his famous ex-girlfriends denied that he is an abusive man during their association with him, and despite all this, Hollywood production companies try to highlight their position against domestic violence in all its forms and to avoid losing some of their revenues in If you assign the starring of one of her films to a star accused of practicing domestic violence against his wife, especially after the high voices of women and they’re breaking the silence in Hollywood, and they were revealed by the most prominent Hollywood harassers.

Despite excluding Johnny Depp after filming only one scene from the continuation of the movie: “Fantastic Beasts 3”, he will receive his full wage for it, which is $ 10 million, equivalent to 7 million and 600 thousand pounds.

He is expected to replace Johnny Depp, actor Mads Mikkelsen, as the villain Gillert Grindelwald.


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